Working with the Change Monitor starts with customizing the approach to the specific change and situation in your organization. You also choose the focus you want to make, for instance with the Innovation Monitor or the Culture Monitor. People within the organization are then asked to complete an on-line questionnaire. The questionnaire gives each participant a chance to say what he or she thinks of the organization and of the proposed change.

Following the completion of the questionnaire, people who completed the questionnaire participate in a group discussion about their own results. During the discussion participants explore obstacles to success, what is working well, possible solutions and as important what things should remain unchanged. The discussions are lead by a certified senior consultant or the team’s or department’s own manager can also lead the discussion with the support of a senior consultant. In addition, the Change Monitor identifies common issues that need management attention.


There are four steps for completing a Change Monitor:

Creating conditions: preparing an effective use of the Change Monitor;
Art: Holding valuable discussions on what is really important for the change;
Knowledge: Filling in the survey that will provide useful information;
Integration: Linking action plans with existing processes to bring about embedding.

The approach is determined in close consultation with the client. You also choose if you want to work with the ChangeMonitor or the Innovation Monitor or the Culture Monitor is more suitable. We discuss how step 3 could be done, for example during a working conference. When this is done, everyone would come together to formulate conclusions and develop actions for improvement. This type of working conference increases communication and generates a lot of enthusiasm and commitment.

People can become familiar with the intervention during a brief workshop on the monitoring of change processes. During the workshop, participants will also have a chance to fill in the Preview version of the Change Monitor and to discuss the results immediately. Please contact us if you want to make an appointment for such a workshop.


A questionnaire helps to identify and define which things are going well and which are not going as well as they should. In the survey, people give their judgment of the organization, the approach of the change process, and the change strategy. The most important results are brought together in two comprehensive charts. The temperature measurement shows what people think of the organization and the change process. The strategy web shows how people experience the management of the change process.

In the discussion of the results participant focus on: the relationship among the obstacles, the reason for the obstacles, what can be done about them, and who will take responsibility for decreasing the impact of the obstacles. Once the obstacles are clearly identified the participants are ready to begin the action planning. Attention is also given to how the positive aspects can be sustained and reinforced. Discussing the results provides precise input for the action plan to make the change into a success.


De adviseurs hebben ervaring met de Verandermonitor en met vrijwel alle typen veranderingen bij de overheid en in het bedrijfsleven. In overleg selecteren we de geschikte adviseur(s) voor uw organisatie.
A certified senior consultant will guide your organization in working with the Change Monitor. The support will focus on determining an appropriate approach, tailoring the survey to reflect the specific situation in your organization, discussing the results, and realizing the next steps.
The consultant will work closely with you to ensure an effective use of the Change Monitor. The consultant will customize the level of support to meet your needs and the desires of the organization.

At network meetings, the consultants exchange their experiences of working with the Change Monitor, both on a national and international level. In that way, they remain up to date on the more recent insights and work on further developing this intervention. The consultants have successfully completed a professional course of studies at Sioo and have also taken part in the specific program about the Change Monitor. Sioo takes care of the certification.

The consultants have experience in working with the Change Monitor and with nearly every kind of change process in government and in the world of business. In consultation with you, we select the consultant(s) who are best suited for your organization.

These senior professionals have experience with the Change Monitor in all kinds of change processes, both in the public and private sector. Please contact the consultant closest to you for more information. You can also contact us if you are interested in becoming a certified Change Monitor consultant yourself.

dawn-marie2 Dawn-Marie Turner
Turner Change Management
hellevi2 Hellevi Kojo
Development consultant
Jukka-Pekka Jukka-Pekka Heikkilä
Partner and development consultant
sophie Sophie de Boisserie
Managing director
B&M Consulting 
Teresa2 Teresa Fialho
Luísa Braula Reis
Assiocate consultant
kilian Kilian Bennebroek Gravenhorst
Organizational change consultant
The Netherlands

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