A selection of the organizations that have worked at least once with the Change Monitor is provided below. The intervention has been applied in nearly every sector in business and in government agencies. Certified senior consultants provide the necessary support.

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AMEV/Interlloyd (now ASR Insurance)
Primary School the Rainbow
Tax and Customs Administration
Center for Work Relations
Defense Telematica Organization
Herlaarhof Center for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
ICT Judicial Organization
Judicial Adolescent Institution Hunnerberg
Judicial Pedagogical Center Sprengen
Lindenberg Center for the Arts
Ottho Gerard Heldring Foundation
Province of Drenthe
Regional Police Force of Friesland
Regional Police Force of Groningen
RVS Insurance
Our Second Home
Rijnstad Foundation for Social Work
Home Care Amsterdam


The Change Monitor has many satisfied customers. Naturally, they deserve a prominent place here. Reading about some of their experiences will give you an idea of the variety in their situations. Then you can decide for yourself if the intervention might also be useful for you.

In what follows, customers look back on their experience of working with the Change Monitor. Each of the accounts stresses the quality of the discussions that took place with people from every layer within their respective organizations. The intervention enables people to talk about how they experience the changes and ensures the generation of new ideas to move the process forward.

You will also notice that our customers chose deliberately to work with the Change Monitor and was genuinely open to entering into a conversation with their respective organizations. They reaped clear benefits, as their stories reveal.

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